How to Look and Feel Like a Celebrity in Los Angeles

When people think about vacationing in Los Angeles they envision the stars on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, driving past the mansions in Beverly Hills, window shopping on Rodeo Drive, cruising the California coast or taking the family to Disneyland. While all of these things are fun, which is why they are top tourist activities, there is another side to Los Angeles which will make you look and feel like a celebrity more than a tourist and will help keep you fit at the same time.

If you want a more active, experiential vacation start by looking at vacation rentals in Los Angeles as opposed to the standard hotel accommodations. Next, consider some of the  activities the locals and visiting celebrities enjoy in the diverse and exciting Southern California area.

Get Out on the Water

With its proximity to the water and almost 300 days of sunshine per year, Los Angeles makes a perfect base for boating. Head down to Marina Del Rey and you will find a huge assortment of options for getting out on the ocean blue. Want to learn how to sail? No problem, you can take an instructional sail or even set up for your certification. Just looking for a relaxing cruise? There are plenty of public dinner or cocktail cruises leaving the harbor. Want to feel like a celebrity? Charter a private boat with or without a captain. Whichever way you go a day on the water is always a good one.



Learn How to Surf

“Let’s go surfing now, everybody’s learning how…” Speaking of sunshine and ocean, Southern California is one of the best spots on the world for surfing. So much so that the Beach Boys made a career of singing about it. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn or whether you are looking to up your game, there are places like Aloha Brothers that offer lessons from beginner to intermediate, group or private, that will have you feeling like you’re a true Californian in no time.




Go to a Lakers Game

Do you love watching sports and spotting celebrities? Chances are pretty good that at a Lakers Game you can do both. A Los Angeles Lakers basketball game is arguably one of the most popular sporting events in Southern California and attracts a huge crowd of locals, visitors and celebrities alike. Spring for court-side seating and you will likely be rubbing shoulders, quite literally, with someone famous and you may even feel like a celebrity yourself!




Have a Day of Outdoor Adventure

The Los Angeles area may not be best known for outdoor adventures but there is actually plenty of opportunity to get away from the city and the busy beaches. Check out SoCaL Adventure Company for a great selection of day trips from LA including beginner to intermediate guided hikes, climbs and canyoning. Spending the day immersed in nature, surrounded by beautiful scenery, while working your body and clearing your mind will make you feel on top of the world.



Go to Trapeze School

Have you ever wanted to be a star circus performer? Well there is trapeze school in Los Angeles  that will have you flying high, manipulating the silks, or performing flips on the trampoline. The Flying Trapeze School’s aim is to help you overcome fear, improve overall health and wellness and condition the body and mind by improving physical abilities and belief in one’s self. Sounds like a perfect activity for those wanting to be or at least feel like a celebrity.



Hire a Personal Trainer

Los Angeles is full of the fit and the fabulous so it stands to reason that the fitness industry is also a big thing. If you have taken our earlier advice and booked a vacation rental rather than a hotel you can feel like a real celebrity by having a fitness professional come to your vacation home for a private session. Otherwise seek out a local facility that offers one on one training that will focus on your individual goals and needs. Being on vacation is no excuse to drop your health and fitness routine…especially in LA.



Dine at Healthy Gourmet Restaurants

 “You are what you eat.” Fitness is just one part of the equation for celebrities trying to stay fit and fabulous. This means that Los Angeles is a haven for healthy gourmet eating. Forget the boring salads and plain chicken breasts and go for some delicious top-chef creations like the trending Poke, avocado salad pizza or organic Mexican fajita. Check out Eater Los Angeles for some great suggestions.




Find a Home Away From Home

 As mentioned earlier the best way to experience the other, less-touristy side of Los Angeles is to stay in a vacation home rather than a hotel room. Sites like Luxury Retreats offer a multitude of beautiful options where you can set up a perfect home base for all of the great activities listed above. Having your own private, fully equipped space will allow you to do things you usually can’t do at a hotel, unless you really are a celebrity. Swim solo laps or take a nap at the pool without interruption, make a home cooked meal in your kitchen or maybe invite the new friends you made while sailing or canyoning over for cocktails.



This is just a small sample of all of the fabulous activities Los Angeles and the surrounding area has to offer that will keep you entertained, active and feeling great!