Guide to Throwing an NFL Fantasy Football Party

NFL season is upon us. Fantasy footballers are drafting their players and prepping for the big season to come. We have compiled this Guide to Throwing an NFL Fantasy Football Party so your guests have a great time, enjoy some awesome food and bond for what should be a great football season. Let’s take this step by step.

Prepping for the Party

Send invites out early so people have time to adjust the schedules to make the party. Check to see if anyone has any food allergies and specific dietary issues. Once you get a good idea of how many people are attending you can make a shopping list for food and drinks. Make sure you have enough seats for everyone within viewing of the TV. Get your football gear on and head to the store to pick up the food and beer.

throwing an nfl party

Obviously it is a football event and you can’t have football without some grilled brats. For my parties I like to use Johnsonville Brats and cook them on the Johnsonville Sizzling Sausage Grill. The electric grill is literally designed to cook sausages to perfection within 15 minutes. I can actually cook them right on the bar top and still watch the TV.

johnsonville sizzling sausage grill

Here is one of my favorite brat recipes:

The Wild Frontiersmen 

  • Hoagie Rolls
  • Johnsonville Irish O’Garlic Sausages
  • Homemade Turkey Chili
  • Horseradish Pickles
  • Sliced Peppers
  • Diced Onions
  • Sauerkraut¬†

Prep all the ingredients beforehand and place in dishes for your guests to make their own brats. Throw the sausages in the grill, plug in and hit start. In about 15 minutes the grill will automatically beep and let you know they are done. Throw some chili on one side of the bun, place some Sauerkraut, peppers and sliced pickle on the other side of the bun. Drop your Irish Garlic brat in the middle. Then sprinkle some diced onions on top. Add a side of sweet potato fries and a tasty beer (Apricot Ale for myself from Pyramid Brewery) and you are good to go. Delicious!

johnsonville sizzling sausage grill

the wild frontiersmen dog

Be a Good Host

Invite your guests with a welcome drink and some snacks to munch on before grilling time. Make sure the drinks are cold and have the big screen already on with NFL highlights or commentary going. Another good idea is to have some NFL trivia on hand or some NFL party games available for guests to play while drinking and waiting for the big event. Also, cleanup as you go along. Garbage can build up quickly at a party and if you stay ahead of it, you will have less of a headache and less to clean later on. It is the modern age, make sure WIFI is available for your guests to check their Fantasy Football stats and other games.

throw a nfl party

Have a Betting Pool Already Set-up

Football Square Pool is easy to set up. A game is selected usually one involving the local home team. Each participant pays an entry fee and buys a square on a grid. Each square corresponds to a random number for each team. If the score reflects your number at the end of each quarter, half, and game you win. It’s fun even if you know nothing about football. Let everyone know the rules as the arrive and see if they would like to participate. Tell guests to bring cash in the invite. Display the board near the drinks area as guests can check their numbers when getting refills.


Be Safe When the Game is Over

As guests start to leave, double check to see who needs a ride home or who needs a cab called. No one wants a DUI after having such a fun time. Some people can share a cab or those who don’t drink much can be DD. Pay out any winner of the betting pool and do your final cleanup and call it a night. Send out a message the next day thanking people for coming and asking if they had a good time. If all went well, you will be well prepared for your next NFL Party.

Go Seahawks!




This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Johnsonville. The opinions and text are all mine.