Build a Booty!

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Build a Booty

What do you and your significant other REALLY want for Valentines Day? How About An Amazing Booty! Learn below how to Build a Booty!

All about the booty!

Yes, flowers smell good, chocolates are delicious and jewelry dazzles but how about contributing something more substantial to your relationship? Why not give yourself and your partner the gift of a fit and perky booty! All it costs is a bit of sweat and the best thing is everyone benefits! You feel better about yourself and your partner won’t be able to keep their hands off of you. Now it may be a little late to build a booty by Valentines Day but summer is just around the corner. That’s when you can show off all of your hard work in all its glory. Your significant other will be eternally grateful!

All joking aside, a shapely derierre is on the wishlist of many women (and men) and if you seriously want to build a booty I can help! Functional, strong and aesthetically pleasing backsides don’t just shape themselves. It takes time and hard work to build healthy glutes. So start a routine to shape your booty this week. Don’t wait or it will never happen!

Build a Booty

What will you get?

At the end of this article I will give you some great exercises that will get you on your journey to a beautifully shaped booty . Remember there are more benefits to working your butt than just a behind that looks good in a bikini (or Speedo for the men out there).
Many people start an exercise routine for a very specific goal, like “build a booty” but as they get into the routine they develop an exercise habit and realize that it is not just their butt that is benefiting. The rest of the body goes through changes as well, plus there is an increase of energy and an improvement in mood and clarity.

What about lower back issues?

Well actually it’s often a misconception that lower back pain is caused by having a weak lower back. Sometimes it’s the opposite. The muscles of your lower back and spine are short and anatomically oriented in ways that make them inefficient and ineffective for heavy lifting. People with stronger lower backs may tend to lift incorrectly because they feel they can rely on their stronger back muscles more. When you rely on them too much you go against their natural capabilities and you find yourself in pain. I’m sure you’ve heard the warning to not lift with your back. Strengthening these tiny muscles can only do so much since they are so small to begin with. Their potential for strength growth is limited.

Build your booty for your Valentine


The glutes, on the other hand, are comparatively huge (no pun intended). They are the biggest muscles in your body and are designed based on both physiological position and orientation. They do all that heavy lifting the lower back just shouldn’t be asked to do. Developing glute strength and functionality may be the most proactive step an individual can take to protecting his or her lower back.


Your glutes do a lot of work. They are responsible for the force output you need to be a functional and strong human being like lifting stuff off the ground, carrying your own luggage, and squatting down to play with your kids. All of those activities are made easier when you have a functionally strong butt.
Whether you are a weekend warrior, a recreational athlete or a supermom, nearly every sport or activity requires power and strength to be generated through the hips, via your glutes. Today’s new slogan is “Strong is the new skinny.” So begin to build a booty now!

I will make the claim that there is no better way of developing strength and health in the backside of your body than getting in the gym and lifting some heavy sh%t, aka squats, dead lifts, kettle bell swings. Yup, I said it. Go ahead, try and argue it.

Build a Booty

On the other hand, I am not saying that other movement exercises should be given up. Actually, quite the opposite. Yoga, Pilates, swimming, cycling, hiking and climbing are all great activities that carry with them different workloads and benefits that are hard to duplicate in the traditional gym environment.

But in terms of glute development, it is difficult to challenge the glutes and overload them in a way that promotes hypertrophy (that’s a personal training term for lean tissue growth) and strength with other activities. The glutes are the most capable muscles of the body; they need to be challenged so your body can adapt by making them leaner, stronger, and more developed.

Additionally, the time you spend in the gym balances and benefits every other activity. Your glutes support your entire body and will strengthen your yoga practice, improve your running endurance, and allow you to enjoy your recreational activities for more years than if you simply ignore them. Even if you hate the gym, spending as little as two days a week lifting weights can strengthen and shape your backside so it’s ready not only for this summer, but for the rest of your life.


The Booty Moves

And so now we come down to the list of Build a Booty exercises. At the end of the list I have the exercises available to download in a PDF File for Free!

Remember! Form is everything. Ensure your form is correct. This will minimize the risk of injury when exercising as well as ensure that the appropriate muscles are actually doing the work! And secondly, challenge your glutes. If you can do the weight more than the required reps, it’s too light, so increase the weight. Your glutes need to be pushed beyond their comfort zone in order to create the changes you want to see. DO NOT trade extra weight for bad form though.

Now let’s get going and Build a Booty!!

Build a Booty Exercises:

Bulgarian Split Squat

spilt quat

Kettle Bell Swing

kettle bell swing

Glute Bridge

glute bridge

Dead lift

dead lift

Deep Squat

deep squat

So there you have it! Try to add these to your weekly routine and before you know it, your glutes will start to shape, strengthen and lift. Below you can download the “Build a Booty” Workout for free. You need a PDF Reader on your computer or phone to utilize the workout. The PDF file includes a picture and description of the exercise and if you click on each picture you can also watch a brief video showing exactly how to perform it properly.. Print it out or have it on your phone or tablet and bring it along to the gym!

Download Workout for free: Download

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