2015 Travel Highlights and Adventures you should do for 2016

So another year has gone by, 2015 is behind us and we are headed into 2016. Had a great time this past year with so many unique adventures and moments. I would like to take this time to share with you some of best travel highlights and adventures from my 2015 and recommend you try to add a few of these to your upcoming 2016. Without further adieu:


Had the opportunity to spend the holidays and bring in the new year in London, England last year. Winter in London is pretty magical and I highly recommend it at some point in your future. The old buildings and heritage along with the unique pub culture that intertwines with the holidays is something that is hard to replicate anywhere else in the world.

The countryside of England is pretty much what you see in the movies in some areas. The Cotswolds and Stonehenge were wonderful to see in person and just as picturesque as I had imagined.

london 2015 travel highlights
Holidays in London
Cotswolds, England


France started with Paris which was actually a wonderful experience. Definitely one of my favorite travel highlights.  Especially since some people you talk to say it is dirty and that the local community is not very nice to tourists. Everyone was very nice and the city had so many iconic places to explore.

Following Paris was a house-sit in Southern France, or should I say farm sit. It was located in a beautiful farming area between Cahors and Montabaun. Chopping firewood and building a fire everyday was awesome and care taking for a dog, chickens, ducks and geese on 40 acres was a fun, unique experience. Exactly how you would imagine a southern French farm.

Exploring the countryside of southern France and it’s small picturesque towns and castles was a photographers dream. I’d love to go back someday.

Paris, France
Farm House sit in Southern France
Cirq de Lapope, France
Windmill Southern France
Castle in Southern France


Met my parents in Italy for a tour of the country on their vacation. It was great having an itinerary for a little bit and hitting some of Italy’s most epic spots with family. A truly magical time. First off was Venice, which is exactly how you would picture it. Lives up to its name.

Then drove to Cinque Terra which was great to dip our feet into the Mediterranean while taking pictures and exploring these beautiful cliff side towns.

In Tuscany we had a villa overlooking the landscape and explored Florence, Siena and some other smaller towns. So much beauty in one area.

Last stop was of course Rome. So much history in this city. It was great to finally explore the Colosseum and Roman Forum. All the city squares and the walk from the Spanish steps was a blast.

Venice, Italy
Cinque Terra, Italy
Tuscany, Italy
Colosseum in Rome


Decided to spend a month in Croatia. Beside being known for some well known Game of Thrones locations, it has beautiful coastline, natural wonders, a rich culture and cafes everywhere. Split was a home base while in Croatia and has everything you would want including history, culture, restaurants, shopping, beaches and forests.

Dubrovnik on the other hand looks like it was pulled straight out of Game of Thrones. Such a unique city and was on my bucket list. The walk along the city walls makes you feel like a knight.

Split, Croatia
KRKA falls, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Spain and Portual

Another TBEX and couple more countries checked off the list. It was great meeting up with old friends and making new ones at a travel conference in Costa Brava. Had the pleasure of exploring the terras d’ libre area of Spain with wonderful landscapes and waterways.

Always great to be visited on the road. Had the opportunity to explore with friends Barcelona, Seville and the inspiring coastline of the Algarve in Portugal. Such a fun time with great people!

Sailing with TBEX peeps
self-sustained farm in Spain
Algarve, Portugal
Seville, Spain
Seville, Spain
Friends at the end of the night
Jumping for joy
Girona, Spain
Secret Beach in Portugal

Pacific Northwest

Obviously a great time and glad to see friends and family back in Seattle and Vancouver BC during the summer. Got in some great hikes, camping, festivals and even a Tough Mudder. I’ve traveled full time for almost 3 years and have seen quite a bit of the world so far and the Pacific Northwest is still towards the top of my list of most beautiful places.


Diner en Blanc in Vancouver BC
Hiking with Friends in British Columbia
Wanderlust Festival In Whistler, BC
rattlesnake ridge
Resting on the ledge of Rattle Snake ledge Trail in Washington
Selfie at Tough Mudder Seattle with my Brother


This was on my bucket list and glad it made it on my highlight list for 2015. Thailand is a beautiful country with beautiful people. It was great being able to meet up and hang out with so many travel friends from around the world all in one country. From hikes to nights out to a bamboo tattoo there were some great times in Thailand so far and so many still to come. Happy New Year from Thailand! Please sign up for the Newsletter and get all the latest fitness and travel tips and come back often to read my latest articles.

Enjoying the pool and view at Panviman Resort outside Chiang Mai.
Getting my Sak Yant Bamboo Tattoo from a monk.
Overlooking Koh Pangnan, Thailand after a jungle trek.
New Years Eve at a Beach Party on Koh Samui Thailand

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